Family moments with communion

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The Lord Will Deliver You

Todays Thought: Even if you are going through a trial, the Lord will deliver you. Just as He was in the fire with Daniel’s three friends, He is with you. I pray in Jesus’ name you will emerge from this trial so much stronger than before you went in. I declare that this disease shall have no power over you and that the Lord will deliver you so completely you will come out of this without even the smell of smoke on you!

Todays Prayer: Lord Jesus, there is truly no other god who saves and delivers like You. Thank You for showing me I need not fear even when I am in the blazing furnace, because You are with me and will walk with me in the fire and protect me. I believe that nothing shall by any means hurt me, and that even now, You are delivering me from the physical conditions in my body. Thank You, Lord. Amen.

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Family moments with communion
Family moments with communion
21 Day Communion pack
21 Day Communion pack
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