Pre-packaged Communion Cups

The Miracle Meal: Pre-packaged Communion Cups

The Miracle Meal is London’s leading manufacturer and distributor of pre-packaged communion cups. We supply thousands of cups to churches, Christian stores and for individual purchase as well.

Did you know that the Miracle Meal also has locations in South Africa, Canada and the United States? With an ever-expanding mindset, and a passion for bringing this miracle meal of Christ to the world, we hope to add more locations to our business soon.

Our individually pre-packaged communion cups are made up of a single wafer and juice. This symbolises the body of Christ. As we partake in communion, we thank Christ for His body given to us as a sacrifice, as well as His blood that was shed for us.

The Miracle Meal offers online purchasing options, for individual 21-day packs and mass purchases for your congregation. If you are unsure of the purchasing options, you are welcome to speak to one of our team. They are available and ready to assist however possible.

The beauty of our pre-packaged communion cups is that you can literally take it wherever you go, whenever you want. Whether you are up on a mountain, about to board a plane or simply enjoying a quiet moment at home. Take communion with you. May blessings follow you always as you make this part of your every day.

For more information, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you on your next steps.

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