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Gums and Teeth Healed After Partaking of Communion


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Gums and Teeth Healed After Partaking of Communion

I suffered bad bone loss in my gums. It was so bad the large molar on the upper left side of my mouth had fallen out on its own. 

When my boyfriend passed away, I became afraid of everything and believed a lie that I could save myself by cutting out “unnatural” products from my lifestyle.

As a result, I developed really bad hygiene and the bone loss spread throughout my mouth. It affected my large molars, hindering my ability to chew.

It hurt to eat, brush my teeth, and sometimes even breathing cool air through my mouth was excruciatingly painful. I would get terrible headaches and my face would swell. 

Once, when I was trying to listen to Pastor Prince’s sermon on Facebook, pain seared my whole face and head and burned my eyes. 

That night, I cried myself to sleep. When I woke up, I felt better but the sensitivity continued.Our Pre Packaged Communion Cups are manufactured and packaged under strict national food standards approved by the FDA. 

This ensures each serving will be free from bacteria or any viruses. read more

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