Can You Believe We Get To Do This?

About us :

So who are we and why The Miracle Meal?

We are a family of four living in the town of Ballito KZN. As a family we love traveling. Seeing the world while visiting churches, all around the globe, gives us inspiration and we find spaces to embrace his holy presence!

In December 2016 we travelled to Singapore to celebrate Christmas and it was at this time that we found out that my husband, Dominic’s father was diagnosed with bone cancer. Whilst we were in Singapore we visited New Creation church, lead by Pastor Joseph Prince. It was here that we were reminded of the importance of the [Miracle Meal] Holy Communion.

As passionate entrepreneurs we decided that this could possibly be a way for us to step into a space of having a kingdom based business that could bring healing to so many at a substantially lower cost than the current international suppliers.

How did we get this business up and running?

We visited various overseas expos and finally found an engineering company that designed and manufacture to our specifications. We wanted a machine that could manufacture the cup, fill it, seal it all within seconds. We knew that this method would bring costs right down so that we could supply The Miracle Meal to every human in South Africa.

Where are the communion cups manufactured?

In our hometown Ballito, KZN

What are the benefits of ordering the prefilled communion cups?

With The Miracle Meal Pre-filled Communion Cups-lengthy prep time and cleanup are eliminated! No wastage either. No left overs.

Now your church or ministry can easily celebrate Communion without worrying about spilling or messy clean-up! Plus, no need to buy extra Communion Ware because The Miracle Meal Pre-Filled Communion Cups fit standard Communion Serving Trays.

The Miracle Meals new packaging ensures ultra-fresh Communion and juice for up-to one year! 6 months shelf life means you have even more time to use these Communion cups. Plus, no refrigeration is needed.

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